British Database Contingent at Large

More Conference Dinner pictures from VLDB-95:

Alec Gray and wife, ?, Wayne Harris, Carole Goble & Michael Rys. Carolyn Begg, Richard Cooper, Moira Norrie & Keith Jeffery:

Alec Gray, Wayne Harris, Carole Coble & Michael Rys 70Kb Carolyn Begg, Richard Cooper, Moria Norrie & Keith Jeffery 60Kb

The Band played on. Jessie Kennedy & Helmut Kaufmann

The Band Plays 73Kb Jessie Kennedy & Helmut Kaufmann 38Kb

Jessie Kennedy & Patrick Valduriez. Michael Freeston, Michael Shave & Peter Gray.

Jessie Kennedy & Patrick Valduriez 31Kb Michael Freeston, Michael Shave & Peter Gray 53Kb

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